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Episode 28 – Father Hubbard Will See You Now

kelly-neil-558253-unsplashKelly Neil

Hello, Clovers! Happy Sunday.

In Episode 28, it’s time to talk about Chapters 18-20 of Shadow of Night, including the changing mechanics of Diana’s powers, the introduction of Phoebe Taylor, and what to do with an ill-mannered 16th century husband. There’s character introductions, a bit of sweetness, and of course, just a little bit of magic.

Happy Mabon and autumnal equinox to all those who celebrate. We hope you enjoy the episode.

Download the episode here.

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Happy listening,


Cait and Jen



Episode 26 – No Snek, No Bee


In this episode, we cover chapters 15-17 of Shadow of Night. Cait and Jen travel back to England with Diana and Matthew at the beginning of Section III, where hijinks of snakes, bees, and pregnancy ensue. Join the conversation in our Facebook group, the Chamomile & Clove Clovers, or e-mail us at chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com.

Download the episode here.

Thank you for listening!


Jen and Cait

P.S. Snek


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Countdown to All Souls Con – Our Favorite Things about the All Souls Trilogy – Day Five – Hamish Osborn


Hunters Race

Everyone needs a best friend. Even vampires.

On Day Five of our countdown, we sing the praises of Hamish Osborn, the energetic, shrewd Scottish daemon who befriended Matthew during his most recent education at All Souls. Hamish is sharp–he has a bright mind and a barbed tongue, which Matthew needs to keep him focused and on track. We love Hamish’s ability to command a room, his killer sense of style, his Scots accent (thank you, Jennifer Ikeda), and we honestly wish he’d come tinker with our finances. We’d also love to meet his dapper self for breakfast or high tea with the famous and influential clientele of the Wolseley.

Is Hamish a favorite of yours, too? Tell us what you love about him in our Facebook group, the Chamomile & Clove Clovers.

Ready for the next post? Here’s Day Six.

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There are still online passes available for All Souls Con 2018. Buy a pass and you’ll see us present on Friday, August 10 with the lovely Jennifer Covel!

We can’t wait to see you,

Cait and Jen

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Episode 21 – Find Your Own Witch


unsplash-logoEvie Shaffer

Happy Sunday, darlings!

In this episode, we tackle Chapters 4 and 5 of Shadow of Night, where we meet a few new characters, wrestle with the patriarchy, and realize that our goals are neither so clear–nor so easily obtained–as we thought.

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to hearing from you on Facebook, via e-mail, and on Twitter.

Download the episode here. 

Until next time,

Cait and Jen



Episode 8 – The Witchiest Witch Who Ever Witched

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Just in time to make your Monday a success, here is our latest episode of C&C. Take a deep breath, pour yourself some tea, and please enjoy our discussion of Chapters 16-18 of A Discover of Witches.

Download the episode here. 

Until next time, darlings!


Cait and Jen