Episode 26 – No Snek, No Bee


In this episode, we cover chapters 15-17 of Shadow of Night. Cait and Jen travel back to England with Diana and Matthew at the beginning of Section III, where hijinks of snakes, bees, and pregnancy ensue. Join the conversation in our Facebook group, the Chamomile & Clove Clovers, or e-mail us at chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com.

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Jen and Cait

P.S. Snek



Episode 8 – The Witchiest Witch Who Ever Witched

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Just in time to make your Monday a success, here is our latest episode of C&C. Take a deep breath, pour yourself some tea, and please enjoy our discussion of Chapters 16-18 of A Discover of Witches.

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Cait and Jen

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Revised Reading & Release Schedule

Hello All,

As you may have noticed, our reading schedule and corresponding episode release dates have changed somewhat. Here is a newly revised schedule that reflects our current plan.

Episode Air Date Chapters
Part I
03 June 2018 1-3
17 June 2018 4-5
1 July 2018 6-7
Part II
15 July 2018 8-9
29 July 2018 10-11
12 August 2018 12-14
Part III
26 August 2018 15-17
9 September 2018 All Souls Con panel follow up discussion
23 September 2018 18-20
7 October 2018 21-22
21 October 2018 23
4 November 2018 24-26
Part IV
18 November 2018 27-28
2 December 2018 29-30
16 December 2018 31-33
Part V
30 December 2018 34-36
13 January 2019 37-39
27 January 2019 40-42
10 February 2019 SoN wrap discussion, Part I
24 February 2019 SoN wrap discussion, Part II

We’ve really enjoyed reading A Discovery of Witches with you all, as well as all of the great discussion we’ve had with you so far. Looking forward to much, much more!



Episode 5 – “Friends” 


It’s a rainy autumn morning in New York, which means that Cait just wants to curl up with coffee and a book in her soft pants. Because she got rather festive last night, she might also rest her eyes and enjoy a podcast. You should take her advice. 

In “Friends,” Jen and Cait talk about Chapters 10-12 of ADOW. Enjoy! 

Download the episode here!

Cait and Jen

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Episode 2 – Why So Angry?

dan-freeman-401335-unsplashDan Freeman

In Episode 2, we discuss rowing, rage, and romance. You can find the new episode on Podomatic, or look for it on iTunes. If you’re coming home from All Souls Con, we’d love to keep you company.

As you’ll learn at the end of the episode, we plan to handle listener feedback in a separate episode mid-week. Keep your comments coming at @chamomilenclove and chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com. If you like what we do, consider leaving us a review in iTunes!

We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Jen and Cait